Planning Your Session…

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Your session will be relaxed, casual and informal in spirit.  I want to enjoy our time together capturing exquisite photographs for you to cherish forever.  We’ll blend your vision with my creative and artistic style to create memories that will last a lifetime.  A typical session will last about an hour (give or take), but may vary depending on the location, number of subjects, or until I feel confident we have captured enough shots to give you ample options and a diverse selection of photographs.

You won’t find me in a studio with fancy lighting, but you will find me climbing through fields and laying on the ground to try and capture those unforgettable moments for you on film.

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Your photo session will take place at a location of your choice.  There are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing an ideal location for your session.

The locations that are best are the places that you and your family enjoy the most and where you typically hang out.  Some good ideas for locations include places with unique architecture (buildings, brick walls, doors, etc.), urban settings, beautiful parks,  your home/backyard and some place with great lighting.

Photography is all about light.  If you keep in mind just one thing, have it be this; soft, ambient light, like the light on an overcast day or photos taken in nice even shade, will almost always give a more pleasing result than direct hard light.  Bright sunshine is not a photographer’s friend so having a shaded area is essential for on-location, natural-light photography.  The morning and/or evening hours seem to be more conducive to producing softer light as well.

When choosing your location, think about look and feeling you want from your photographed session (i.e., urban, park, neutral setting, etc.).  If you need some ideas for location, we can brainstorm together to come up with a location that fits your personality, style, and preference for your particular session.