About Andrew…

DSC_2649bbb•I am an on-location, natural light photographer who brings a unique sense of style and creativity to each session.  It is my personal goal to capture life’s most beautiful, personal, and unexpected moments for you cherish forever.

• I have had a passion for photography my entire life, but it wasn’t until after my wife and I had our two sons that I began capturing life’s every moments through photography.  It was a way to document and preserve those special moments that we often take for granted.  That naturally developed my photography into what it is today and through all of this, I truly understand how important life’s every milestone is, whether it be the birth of a new child, to graduating high school to an engagement and/or wedding.  I feel amazingly blessed to be able to capture those moments for local friends and families!

• You will find my style to be relaxed, candid, casual and informal in spirit.  Rather than posing for every photo, I find that the best moments are candid moments that ‘just happen’.  My goal is to capture moments that are real and authentic, which is what distinguishes my “custom” style from other ‘conventional’ photographers.  Hopefully you can get a taste for my  lifestyle, photojournalistic style by browsing at my sample work.  

Looking forward to working with you!